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We believe CSR can result in greater good for the country. And this is the best ticket to be able to make a larger difference, to unlock the potential. Rarely if ever the elements collude, consider this: while we were filing our patent for the ‘Biometric Access for Women to Bio Toilets’ we had no idea that soon it was to become a National Mission. Our method is based on a scientific temper and in-depth understanding. If the solution needs an invention so be it, (refer to our Patent Application*) but the entire solution has to be crafted, not just one part of it. Born from the experience base of creating intervention strategies & executing the concepts in the areas of Consumer Protection, Child Abuse, Child Rights & Sustainable Environment, Enable doesn’t just stop at conceptualizing. We take the ground up route and journey the entire passage, not just as an Astronaut circling around but with skin in the game.
We have developed a ‘Healthcare to the Hut’ initiative (Patent applied for*) that looks at bridging the needs of the underserved to bring them pertinent healthcare solutions. It’s a platform that reaches out, provides a medical history to those who haven’t had any and treats patients with Telemedicine.
We strategize, conceive & implement your CSR objectives. Enable will innovate on your vision find the creative edge to maximize impact & link to larger efforts.


Avijit Dutt

Founder Director

  • Avijit is a filmmaker, actor, theatre director and communications consultant;
  • He has been a social activist & interventionist with seminal work in Child Welfare & Consumer Affairs
  • He's acted and directed for Theatre and TV. And acted in eminent films. He teaches Communication to Post Grads
  • His own featurette on Child Abuse, AkkarBakkar was screened in the Parliament and the Cannes Film Festival 2010, and extensively used for Advocacy by UNIFEM
  • http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEFxiLTsnPY
    (Avijit at TEDx)

Abhay Manas

Manager - Operation

  • Abhay left home to act instead got in to much more. He set up Info Touch-screen kiosks at high footfall areas with Delhi Tourism & Delhi Metro
  • The experience helped him to deal with bureaucracy, civil society & labour.
  • Events & Advertising followed but his real calling is in being able to offer the gains of technology to alleviate the lives of the not so fortunate
  • As Manager Operations Enable Advisory he’s had to calm frayed nerves, assure & continue to set up conveniences for Girls’ schools in politically turbulent areas too.


The Consumer Affairs Campaign:
Began with a presentation to the Planning Commission to get a commitment of funds; since it was looking for an attitudinal shift, it needed a concerted campaign across media; and so ‘JagoGrahakJago’ was born in 2004 & continues to date.We began with a Radio serial in 14 languages for pan-India release, TV Commercials, Press Ads- a multimedia drive. Result: In a decade looking for expiry date has become a Consumer habit, while Consumer Redressal gathers strength with landmark judgments adding teeth to the Act.

Sangla Intervention:
Film on Sangla made by us was instrumental in moving the HIMTAB to promote Pensiones, bring monetization & make the local populace responsible for the environment.

Child Abuse:
Child-line The first ever mass media communication (TV Spot) on Child Abuse done by us for UNICEF & NHRC launched Child-line ‘1098’ a 24 hour free helpline for Children in ‘98. Our obduracy for an action line paid off & Child-line became a reality Today it’s in 30 states & Union Territories. Child Abuse: Our film AkkarBakkar used widely for Advocacy; shown in Parliament, before tabling Child Bill; also screened at Cannes, 2010

Status of the Girl Child in collaboration with UNICEF:
Series of films in the states of Bihar, Rajasthan, Orissa & West Bengal, examined the status of the girl child & the effect of the Meena Project to consolidate the gains.

Child Protection:
Worked with HAQ on strategies & made the films for it.

Tapukara Report Download

‘Healthcare to the Hut’

80% of the Doctors are concentrated in 20% of the land in the cities. While 70% of Indians live in the villages. Healthcare is a rare commodity for most village communities.

The first step to treating a patient is in getting data on them. Today they lack any form of data. Project MoHealth wishes to capture, store, transfer data and so create their Medical histories & bridge village communities with Specialists in far-off cities. Using Technology & a trained barefoot medical staff we can reach out to a vast populace. A guerilla style coverage that’s deep & effective; a process we call ‘MoHealth’ (filed for patent) looks at bringing those outside the Healthcare umbrella into its shade

It’s all being made possible by a disruptive innovation from Public Health Technology Trust- the Swasthya Slate.

The Swasthya Slate is a powerful, disruptive device that allows 33 diagnostic tests with complete portability. It stores electronic medical records both locally on the phone/tablet and also pushes the data onto a central server creating a reliable record of the beneficiary’s health. It’s been proven successful in J&K, Chattisgarh, Delhi Mohalla clinics etc.

We bagan the project in Tapukara and surrounding villages in Rajasthan; continued to Vitlapur, Gujarat and ten neighbouring villages all in collaboration with Honda CSR. Over 18000 beneficiaries are living a better life with this intervention. The project continues in Narsapura, Karnataka and 20 villages around.

The Complete Sanitation Solution

We bring you the complete solution that begins with:

  • Consumer contact program for capacity building that promotes usage & brings about the attitudinal change
  • Enable constructs the facilities
  • Complete with Sewage treatment with Bio-digesters
  • The ultimate water positive solution that has no human scavenging
  • Waterless urinals that save up to 150,000 liters of water per year per urinal
  • And finally ensures Maintenance with a model of empowerment


Extracted from the Abstract for our Patent Application

  • The need for Women to hide in darkness for the most pressing biological needs, is something we take for granted & perpetrate the brutality
  • DigniT (Patent applied for) uses Biometric data through Iris ID on the UIDAI portal for safe access
  • Access is only vide Biometrics/Iris reader read by the door mounted device
  • Registration is done via the UIDAI on recognition of the registered Iris; by linking to the UIDAI database, access is allowed
  • The Toilet within is based on the Bio-digester system
  • Brings down the Public spend on Health & empowers Women

Patent Filing Document of ‘DigniT’

Technology Partners:

Public Health Technologies Trust

Public Health Technologies Trust is dedicated to design development evaluation and deployment of affordable health technologies for public good. The trust aims to use state of the art IT and systems design tools and technologies to empower the Indian population to obtain better health through optimal use of technologies.
By bringing together disciplines of engineering, system design, usability, designers and public health specialists, Public Health Technologies Trust aims to define a comprehensive methodology for development of appropriate technologies for public health. PHTT also aims to develop research centres for affordable health technologies for Global use.

Alfa-Therm Limited, a more than 2 decade old ISO 9001:2000 certified company, is the leading and largest manufacturer of Medical, Industrial & General Waste Incinerators, Air Heaters, HVAC Fans, Kerosene Heaters, Automatic Oil & Gas Burners and Bio Toilets. The Bio-digester developed by DRDO, was perfected and commercialized by Alfa Therm, who’s also the 1st Licensee of the product with hundreds of installations countrywide.

Zerodor is a No consumable, No cartridge, Chemical free Low Cot Retrofit Technology which converts an existing Water Flushing Urinal into a Waterless Urinal. Zerodor is a patented proprietary technology jointly developed by Ekam Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and IIT Delhi.